What we do


Logo Design

Our logo design process uses an iterative rather than comparative method, meaning we don’t give the client multiple options. Over the years we’ve found that providing a selection of options is inefficient and ineffective for creating great brands. Instead, through collaboration with the client, we arrive at what the brand’s goals are, from that we build a brief,  Next, we arrive at  one “solution” that (we hope) solves the problem.  We then review  the results, and if necessary repeat the process until we have the best solution. We deem our work a success not by winning design awards (although we’ve done that) but when the client gets the desired results.


Graphic Standards

Each of our logos is accompanied by a complete graphics standards guide that lays out the brand’s variations, color, and font usage along with any other specific usages particular to the client’s needs.


Illustration & Infographics

We’ve been in business since 1997 and our design experience predates computers, so we’re well versed in a variety of classic and modern illustration techniques.



Graphic Design for Print

Our skills in typography and layout are comprehensive. Getting large amounts of text to look beautiful, be a pleasure to read, and quickly understood is no simple task.  It requires years of practice and no small amount of talent.


Presentation Design

If you’re giving a talk contact us first, because what you say is not as important as how it is said. We’ll enhance your presentation with kick-ass graphics that folks will remember.


Motion Graphics, Animation & Video

Although we’ve stopped working in Adobe Flash, we still draw on our years of experience using it to create compelling animation and motion graphics.


Environmental Graphics & Signage

We’ve been doing this from the start and have a mountain of expertise.  We also do models of our work in Sketchup so you can experience our design in 3D before anything is made.

Website & User Interface Design

We adhere to  the discipline of "Design Thinking" by uniting design and engineering, this creates rational as well as inspirational design. Dieter Rams’  “Ten Principles of Good Design”, Donald A. Norman’s “Design of Everyday Things”, and Edward Tufte’s  “Beautiful Evidence” are our sacred texts.


Information Architecture

For website design we work out all the navigation and layout issues first. We do this by building a working, clickable prototype in grayscale with placeholder text and images. Once the information architecture is solidified we move on to fonts, images, graphics and colours. That way we’re not distracted by colour and pictures when we should be focusing on content. Describing an interactive, clickable medium in a two dimensional form leads to misunderstanding and too many iterations. Although there are many applications for this step we prefer to use html, then repurpose it when we start the actual site.


Content Management System CMS

We have a slightly different approach to content management.  Instead of adapting our designs to one of the major open source CMS platforms like Wordpress or Drupal, we design our user experiences first, then adapt the CMS to the needs of the client. This subtle but distinct difference had brought better results and happier clients.


Responsive Web Design

If you’re reading this on a phone you’re already aware that this site is adaptive. But going the extra step may not be necessary for all websites. We work exclusively in HTML5, so sites look  great in the browser on a phone or a tablet. If for some reason you need Internet Explorer 7 compatibility, our work degrades gracefully. It may not have all the bells and whistles when viewed in an older browser, but it will certainly be functional and legible.


Social Media Campaigns

The social graph is essential to marketing . Navigation of this rapidly evolving space is tricky and can gobble up resources if not done correctly. We’ll guide an effective social media campaign for real results.


Search Engine Optimization & Analytics

Optimizing traffic and measuring the results are both mandatory when developing new web properties.  We know how to do it all very well.


Communication Design for Technology

Crossing the Chasm of Popularity to Profitability

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