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Peter Eller

Creative Director

I solve visual problems and bring others’ ideas into realization through my natural talent and learned skills. My career so far has been shaped by creating unique and effective designs for many of Western Canada's leading tech. businesses.


Discussing color theory or visual cognitive load with engineers is what I love to do. Working in the tech sector with its special ethos, a fertile ground amidst a meritocracy of ideas ignites my combination of creative visual talents and love for all things digital.


I believe Design is as much science as it is art. Too often Design is relegated to fashion; a patina applied after the major engineering decisions have been made. I believe in the discipline of "Design Thinking" bringing design and engineering together at every stage. guiding all of my design decisions to be rational as well as inspirational.


Dieter Rams’  “Ten Principals of Good Design”, Donald A Normans’ “Design of Everyday Things” and Edward Tuftes’  “Beautiful Evidence” are my sacred texts informing the foundation of my creative process.

Heather Drugge

Writer & Creative Strategist


Heather has 20 years of experience writing about products and services for both the private and public sectors, including more than 12 years in marketing for high-tech and biotech companies. She specializes in writing for B2B technology-based companies. Heather has conceived and produced hundreds of highly effective communications, including interactive software demos, white papers, web sites, brochures, press releases, technical spec sheets, byline articles, annual reports, newsletters, webinar invites and much more.


As manager of marketing communications for Pivotal Corporation, an early entrant in the CRM space, Heather established corporate and product positioning and grew the marketing communications team while company revenues multiplied by 400% per quarter. Heather directs her energy, creativity, and experience to developing marketing materials that generate results for high-tech and biotech clients including Corel, the Center for Drug Research and Development, Accenture, Thermo Scientific, Fujitsu, NetApp, Halliburton, JustSystems, and Business Objects as well as many others.


Her areas of extensive technology expertise include CAD for building and engineering disciplines, enterprise-class software systems including ERP, CRM, BI, BPM, as well as telecom, integrated circuit manufacture, and back-end technical topics such as XML, services-oriented architecture, encryption and IT security. Her articles and white papers have been featured in many trade publications and have formed the foundation for many marketing campaigns. She holds a bachelor of arts in English from the University of British Columbia and a master of arts in medical history from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.

Arthur David Richardson

Programmer, Technical Lead


Arthur began in web design in 1994 and has progressed over time through all major shifts in multimedia and web development. He enjoyed his time at Mackerel Interactive Inc., the Art Gallery of Ontario and has been webmaster for various corporations and technical director for design firms and post-production editing companies.

Communication Design for Technology

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