Client: Skipper

I lead the user experience team for two years through the development of this online identity manager.

When I started working on the project they were an identity company going through an identity crisis themselves.

We gave the product the personality of a black lab to denote a trusted friend guarding your identity. Placing him in a 4:3 screen ratio rounded box implied the online nature of the service.

After deciding to focus the company on just one product we conflated the product with the company name and changed to a light sky blue color . The X was pronounced with a K sound.  To emphasize this we highlighted it  in the logo which also made for a simple animation to denote users login or logged out status.


Services We Provided:

Logo Design

Graphic Standards Guidlines

Graphics Design for Print

Website & User Interface Design

Animation, Motion Graphics & Video


Price Range :  80-100 k

One of the many click maps

Some of the logo references


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