Logo Design

Our logo design process uses an iterative rather than comparative method, meaning we don’t give the client multiple options. Over the years we’ve found that providing a selection of options is inefficient and ineffective for creating great brands. Instead, through collaboration with the client, we arrive at what the brand’s goals are, from that we build a brief,  Next, we arrive at  one “solution” that (we hope) solves the problem.  We then review  the results, and if necessary repeat the process until we have the best solution. We deem our work a success not by winning design awards (although we’ve done that) but when the client gets the desired results.



Graphic Standards

Each of our logos is accompanied by a complete graphics standards guide that lays out the brand’s variations, color, and font usage along with any other specific usages particular to the client’s needs.

Two pages from the Puffin graphic standards Guide

Communication Design for Technology

Crossing the Chasm of Popularity to Profitability

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