Frequently Asked Questions


Do you design SWAG aka stuff we all get?

No, We don't do trinkets, giveaways, throw aways, flotsam or jetsam, coupons or t-shirts or any other landfill fodder that companies give away and call it marketing. We don't believe in it, so it would be disingenuous for us to design it.


Do you design packaging?

We do labels but not packaging. We have never done any packaging and have no plans to start. In fact we would be happy if there was altogether less packaging in the world. Perhaps that is why all our work flows are entirely digital.


Do you do design several options to choose from?

We use an iterative method rather than a comparative one. In other words we don’t give a multiple choice of options. Instead we build a brief with the goals that the brand needs to achieve, then come up with a single solution that solves the problem. We review it with you and then repeat as many times as necessary until we have the best solution. In the past twenty years of making logos we’ve found that providing a selection of options for the client to choose from is terribly inefficient and ineffective for creating great brands.


Do you design Flash?

Not any more. Working with flash means you also need to do double duty with a copy of everything in good old HTML alongside the flash stuff.  We decided to stop using flash and build everything we do for the web in HTML5 so it looks great in the browser on a phone or a tablet.  If for some reason you need Internet explorer 7 compatibility our work degrades gracefully: though it may not have all the bells and whistles when viewed in an older browser it will certainly be legible.


Do you do spec work?

We don't do speculative work , contra or enter design competitions, in fact we don't even pitch for new business. Like an electrician, your accountant or any other professional we prefer monetary compensation for our efforts and our prices are a reflection of the value we bring to your business, guaranteed.

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