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  • No Show

    While it’s common for ad agencies to enter their work in design shows and juried competitions, it’s not something I’ve chosen to do. On one occasion, however, I did consider entering the “No Show”, a collection of work from various agencies that had been rejected by the client. In the advertising business, it’s not unusual for some of the best creative work to be rejected, sometimes because the client fears offending someone.


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  • You Don't Need a Logo?

    When someone visits the doctor with an ailment and asks for a prescription you’d hope the doctor would do an examination first, make a diagnosis, then give the appropriate treatment. Writing a prescription before making a diagnosis is malpractice, a doctor could lose his licence, unfortunately you don’t need a licence to practice design in Canada  When someone comes to me and says “I need a logo”, I ask “why?”.  It usually takes about 5 whys before we get to the root of their problem.  Designers see themselves as problem solvers, but solving problems is easy, defining the problem is the real challenge.  When that’s done the solution to the problem usually becomes self evident. Here are a few things I do to help new clients define their “logo” problem.


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  • Welcome to Design Thinking Stories

    When I graduated from art school my first goal was to get a computer.  Up to that point all my training had been in the manual disciplines of drawing, illustration, painting, and sculpture.  But it wasn’t long after completing my first projects using the school’s computers that I knew this would be the way I’d do business.


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