Presentation Design

If you have to do a talk you need to talk to us first. We can help you design a presentation that increases retention. We will enhance whatever you are presenting with "kick ass graphic design".  It may even mean replacing the AV gear with a well selected prop. Often, what you say is not as important as how it is said.


Motion Graphics, Animation & Video

Although we don’t do work in Adobe Flash anymore, we still draw on our years of experience using it to create compelling animation and motion graphics.


Environmental Graphics & Signage

We have been doing this stuff from the very start and have developed considerable expertise in this area.  We also do 3D models of our work in Sketchup so you can experience our design in 3D before anything is made.

the X animation for the identity manager & form filler

This animation was  for the rock band Pioneer 10. the logo we designed was a combination of the Pioneer 10 space probe and  a Pioneer speaker in place of the satellite dish.

Communication Design for Technology

Crossing the Chasm of Popularity to Profitability

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