Since 1997 we've been creating unique and effective communications for many of Western Canada's leading tech businesses.

Vancouver based Puffin Energy which does energy audits for large buildings


This is a full evaluation of your brand strategy. More than just designing a logo, this is a pivotal factor in a business's success. It defines your position in relation to the competition.



Too often the user experience (UX) is left to engineers.  This important service like a good waiter only gets noticed when its broken. Whether it's designing a new web site or an iPhone interface, we take all the steps needed to ensure the very best results.


The strategy that underlines all your communication whether it be a brochure, magazine ad or an iPhone app.  Your message needs to transcend the media that carries it.  Not just  getting your message out but actually getting it retained by your prospect is what we do.

What we do

Skipper was a Vancouver startup that pioneered the area of online identity management

Communication Design for Technology

Crossing the Chasm of Popularity to Profitability

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